General information

Cultural Information

Our booklet 'General Information for Container Grown Perennials' is automatically sent free of charge to all customers purchasing from DarwinPlants. This guide covers all aspects of handling your newly purchased roots.



Perennial Plant Association, American Hosta Society, American Hemerocallis Society, Dutch Hosta Society, Royal Horticulture Society, Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation.


Exclusivity Note

Varieties marked as ‘exclusive’ are items for which Darwin Perennials has obtained exclusive rights to trade the bare-root plants. 



A small part of the images in this catalogue are owned and protected by botanical photography specialist Visions BV.
As a customer of Darwin Perennials, these images are available to you for hire to produce pot labels, signs, catalogue and other promotional items. Images are supplied in digital format.

This company is a separate entity and therefore no legal link exists between Darwin Perennials and Visions BV. If you are interested in acquiring some of these images, please go to
Several images in this catalogue are strictly protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.

US Plant Patent Canadian & EU Plant Breeders' Rights

USPP / PBR / PPAF written after a plant name stands for:
  • United States Plant Patent
  • Canadian Plant Breeders Rights
  • European Plant Breeders Rights
  • Plant Patent Applied For
COPF written after a plant name stands for: Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation
Propagation is strictly prohibited for all varieties marked with USPP, PBR, COPF or PPAF