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Achillea millefolium 'New Vintage Violet'

Patent: USA: PP 25,750

  • Full sun
  • Cut flower

* Holds its shape and re-flowers very well for an Achillea.


Genus information

Family: Asteraceae
Common-name: Yarrow
Features: This profusely blooming plant bubbles with color throughout the summer, as attention-grabbing flat clusters of yellow centered, cherry-red flowers burst open, then slowly fade to pink. These are held on upright stems bearing aromatic, finely-cut fern-like foliage.
Cultivation: Useful for the border, wild garden or meadow. Good cut flowers and suitable for dried arrangements.
Usage: Grows well in full sun, in poor soil. Prefers some moisture but has good drought tolerance. Avoid soggy soils.

Species information

Species: millefolium: Broad flat clusters of flat-headed flowers on upright stems with aromatic, finely-cut, fern-like leaves. Profuse bloomers

Plant group



Variety information

Catalog text * Holds its shape and re-flowers very well for an Achillea.
Full sun:
Partial sun:
Not-edible plant:
Height-cm: 35
Height-inch: 14
Colour: violet
Hardy zone: 4-9
Flowering period Spring/Summer